Saturday, April 22, 2006

I've been in hiding

When I was about 12 I wanted to be a chef. I was a pretty good cook for my age. When I got older I started hating to cook. I still hold that I hate to cook but anyways...I made a homeade lasagna one day for a family dinner at our house with the inlaws. My father-in-law still goes on about it. He tells me now he knows I can cook. And I can. I am quickly discovering just how good I really am. Tonight I made pan fried chicken. My first try. Not too shabby. My kids threw their entire dinner on the floor but they pretty much do that with any meal. So there you have it. I am NOT the ignorant woman in the kitchen that I am sure so many thought I was. I'm coming out of hiding. Now my hubby is going to expect a good cooked meal every night. UGGGGGGG!!!!

I got some cleaning done today and.....are you ready for this? I scrapped a whole page!!!!! YEAH FOR ME!! Tonight I plan on folding some laundry and scrapping some more. Finally after a month of not getting to play with my adhesive, pens, eyelets, patterned paper and so much more I am back in the game.

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