Saturday, April 01, 2006

The doctor, shopping, lack of sleep and groceries

Yesterday my girls both had well check appointments. It went pretty well except they both had to get shots. Let me tell you that it is NOT easy to keep 2 toddlers entertained in the doctors office while you are waiting. The waiting room was pretty easy because there were other kids they could see, toys and a movie. Once they got us back in the actual room the fun started. All they wanted to do was climb and keep opening the door and running down the hallway. I did survive that though.

So then we go to my inlaws and she has to go pick up my niece for my BIL's visitation. So we decide to go with her. It took us about 1.5 hrs. to get there. Luckily my kids slept on the way there. Well on the way back my MIL decided she wanted to go to an outlet store that was up there. So we took all 3 girls into the store with us. MISTAKE!!!!We had a blast buying tons of stuff and the girls got a ton of stuff too but it is not fun to keep running after a 5 yr. old, 2.5 yr. old and 20 mos. old. We were THOSE people. You know the kind. The ones you come home from the store talking about their bad parenting skills. First my oldest lost a shoe and we couldn't find it. Then she kept running under clothes racks and crawling all over the floor. It was horrible. By the time we got back in the car we wanted to die. So about 4 hrs. and $130 bucks later we got back home and stopped to pick up a quick bite for dinner. We were so tired we just decided to spend the night at my MIL's. That would also prove to be a mistake.

My dd kept me up ALL night long. Every hour or so she would wake up, tell me she was scared, ask for milk and then not want to go back to bed. So I didn't get much sleep. I ended up taking her to Wal-Mart with me today. She was really good there but I was so tired I could barely push the basket. What a weekend already!! I am counting the hours until bedtime.

Oh I almost forgot. The fun on our little trip got even better when my dd and my neice started biting and scratching each other. One would start it and then the other would get mad and try to finish it. Kids!! It is amazing we were still alive when we got back to the house.

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