Thursday, March 30, 2006

Just some more rambling

I have been cleaning and need a break so I have decided to blog some more. I only have a few more weeks before we find out the sex of our baby. I am so excited. I want another GIRL sooooo bad. DH doesn't have a preference but I know deep down he wants a boy. Either way we are happy.

We have our girls name picked out already. It will be ALEXIA. I wanted Alexa. Dh wanted Alexia and since he was so proud of coming up with it I caved. The middle name we still aren't sure about but it might end up being Paige. We already call the baby Alexia. If it's a boy that poor kid might grow up with some serious issues.

I also have another thing to add to my to do list before the baby is here. I want to make all 3 of my kids pretty little wood letters to go above their beds with their first and middle names. My kids have LONG names too. This will be quite the task.

I'm making some Spring cleaning progress today so I am off to continue.

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