Thursday, March 30, 2006

Finally figured it out

For about the last 2 months we had been using these red sheets that I loved because they matched my quilt. Well it wasn't long before I started itching every time I layed down. So I would wash them and then put them back on. Nothing really changed. Some nights it wasn't so bad. Finally last night was the last straw. I layed down with DH and I could not stop itching. I was scrathing every 2 seconds. I asked DH if he was itching and he said no. By now I was panicking thinking we had some kind of infestation. We considered the laundry detergent but then my clothes would make me itch too. Finally I had the bright idea to put on another set of our sheets. So I took off the red ones, threw them in the clothes hamper and put on my favorite blue set. Oh heaven!!! It was the sheets themselves all along. I have no clue what they are made out of but they are in next months garage sale for sure. I had the best nights sleep in 2 months.

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Virginia said...

I think you might be sensitive to the red dye. My toddler also develops a rash anytime he wears red clothing. It took us forever to figure this out. No more red shirts.