Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Not the day for me

Today was NOT a good day. My daughter decided to grab some markers and go to town on the walls,furniture,etc. Thank god for the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I spent 90% of my day dealing with temper tantrums and worse. I told my girls today that if they didn't pick up their toys they were going to lose them. They didn't listen and told me no anyways so I got a garbage bag and put all of their toys from the living room into the bag and put it in our room. Of course my oldest screamed and threw a fit but still refused to pick up. So she lost even more toys.

Dinner actually went pretty well. The 4 of us actually sat down and ate together. This is pretty unusual since DH hates to eat at the table. At least that part of my day was pleasant.

I have decided that I am turning the girls HUGE closet into their toy closet. Of course all of their clothes will still be in there but so will their $1000's of dollars worth of toys. This way I can regulate how much stuff gets thrown all over the house. I am really hoping that tomorrow is a better day.

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