Sunday, April 02, 2006

Stupid Peanuts

It is a constant battle to keep dd#2 away from nuts. Just when we think we have it under control another holiday has to come up and ruin it for her. Almost all of the chocolate out there is manufactured on the same equipment as nuts. Today the girls opened their Easter gifts from MIL and FIL since they are going on a trip to England tomorrow. DD was so excited to see her little plastic filled eggs with candy in it. Well unfortunately I had to run into the kitchen and empty everything out into our cookie jar before I could let either one of them have it. I am so afraid dd#1 is going to one day sneak her sister something with nuts in it w/o me knowing. It is not easy knowing that I may one day have to use an Epi-pen on my child. It scares the hell out of me. I know there are children that have a more severe reaction to it than mine does but with every reaction it gets worse. The thought of one day shipping her off to school is terrifying. What if a classmate brings peanut butter to school and dd comes in contact with it?

It just isn't fair. My poor baby can't even eat at Chick-fil-A because they use peanut oil to fry everything. No one in either side of our families has an allergy like this. Hers just developed. I really wish I could have it instead of her. When she gets older and a boyfriend gives her a box of chocoloates for Valentines she is going to have to kindly tell him she can't eat it. I just can't help but worry ALL the time about it.


Julie said...

I've written this same post before. It is hard. I know. Every single holiday becomes something your child (or children) can't participate. One Tgiving, My sister cooked a turkey in PEANUT OIL!!! WE were crushed. Then she wouldn't come to my house for coffee that night, and then said how much she missed us!!!

But, after a few years, you learn to adapt. We've withdrawn from most friends and family who do not *get it*. We buy them toys instead of candy for Easter. We stay home and wait for the Great pumpkin on Halloween, while passing out candy to neighbor kids. We buy them awesome costumes to overshadow that they aren't going anywhere. We make tons of cookies that are safe for Christmas, and when someone gives us some, I toss them and replace them with mine.

It becomes a survival mechanism, that you learn to change things in yoru life to accomodate the allergy, so that your child doesn't feel like the odd man out. In our home, we are all peanut allergic.

I hate peanuts too. There are some people who cannot give them up, and that I just don't understand. Why you can't go an hour without eating these things for my children's lives? Even my daughters developmental therapist had eaten peanuts before her visit last week. Can't even get therapy without putting my other 2 children in a life and death situation. Hugs. I understand.

Julie said...

PS more importantly than the box of chocolates from a boyfriend is him wanting to kiss her. We have 2 daughters and this is our #1 worry. It's changed how we raise our girls. Boyfriends are of little importance, dating and whatnot. We don't want to have to grill 100 boys on what they ate before they take our girls out! LOL

And we homeschool. I tried to look into public school this year and they would not accomodate her. They'd eliminate peanuts but nothing else (may contains) and wouldn't restrict what you could pack in a lunchbox. Then they wanted to segregate her during lunches, which fat lot of good that does when she steps into the hall and someone has touched the handle on the bathroom door or what not and she reacts to it. Both our girls have the most severe form of the allergy. THere is no breathing it, no touching it, no walking past Chickfila in the mall. Forget me eating there! LOL

If you ever need to vent, feel free to email me at I've been feeling your feelings now for almost 4 years, it gets easier to handle, but in some ways it gets harder as you realize the life your child is going to get. Mine have several allergies besides peanuts, my oldest is allergic to almost everything outside (grass, trees, weeds, our entire yard!) so this time of year is hard for us.