Wednesday, May 10, 2006


It has taken me a few days but I think I am getting excited about having a boy. I still feel sad that I don't get my 3 girls but now I realize I get the best of both worlds. I still have my 2 girly girls and now I will have a fun little boy:) I really am blessed. The bedding has been picked out and my mom went shopping CRAZY today. And when I say crazy..I mean it. I am getting excited.

The kids closet is almost finished. Believe me I have the allergies to prove it now. I have been really sick since I did it from all of the dust. At least it is done now. Each kid gets a side to have their clothes on plus now a ton of their toys and more will also be in there. I'm finally making some progress.

I think I have decided to join the crock pot lovers. I decided that I need all the quick meals I can get my hands on. Who has time to cook everynight with 2 toddlers and an infant? I know I won't. Now I just have to convince DH that I need it.

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