Saturday, May 20, 2006

Just Rambling

I woke up last night and my right ear was clogged up. It still is. I can't hear anything out of it and I don't have any of our ear drop stuff either. Not starting the day off very well. Tonight my best friend is coming over for dinner and every single dish we have is in the sink because maintenance has not come to fix our dishwasher. I am pissed. If they aren't here by 11:00 I am calling them again.

I hope this day gets better. Now I am going to go off on something that is totally not about me. Britney Spears. We all know how bad she messed up with the carseat incidents and then the high chair thing but dang. Recently the girl tripped. She didn't even fall and the papparazzi is all over it. Saying she strikes again,etc. Please. What mother hasn't stumbled at least once with her baby. I'm not in any way taking up for the carseat thing but enough is enough. I am sure the poor girl has learned since those incidents. It was a trip people. It could happen to anyone. Ok..done preaching now. Just something that was bothering me.

I have a ton of cleaning to do now. Gotta get ready for tonight.

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