Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Last night...

we had friends over. My hubby's best friend and his fiance came over. It was our first time meeting her but she was great. We have so many good memories with our friend. We ordered pizza, watched T.V and talked. It felt so good to spend time with other adults. When our pizza got here the delivery guy had some serious attitude but we ignored it. Then we opened our pizza to eat and it had a WHOLE slice missing. I called the restaurant and they were about to close. When the cashier told the manager why I was calling he got so mad. I could hear the whole conversation. He got on the phone and told me he had personally checked all of the pizzas before they went out and he wanted to know what our delivery guy looked like. We got store credit. Hey that works for me. The manager was really nice.

Tonight we are going over to the in-laws to have steaks and grill some chicken. We are also going to play poker with pennies, nickels and dimes. It should be fun. We need something to take our minds off of everything causing us stress lately.

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