Monday, May 29, 2006

My bad mommy moment

I just had a very bad mommy moment. My youngest dd has not been eating whenever we set her down. She prefers wandering around to find food in the kitchen. She loves green beans so I had opened a little baby size can of them just for her tonight. She didn't eat them on her plate and I had forgotten I had left the can on the counter. Normally I take the lid completely off so no one can get hurt but tonight I was careless. She was using her little step stool and I hear her start screaming. I run in there and her finger is stuck between the lid and the can at the bottom. I cannot get it out without cutting her really bad. I didn't know what to do so I started screaming for DH who was taking a nap. I screamed until I thought my lungs were going to explode. I know how bad this hurts and I started crying for her at this point. I hear DH wake up and ask what is going on so I yell that she is hurt really bad and I need him. He then comes running into the kitchen.

Thankfully he was able to get her finger out without it getting cut at all. That scared the crap out of me. I felt so horrible. Thank god he was home or I would have panicked. I am definitely going to make sure I take the lids completely off if anything is going to be on the counter for a period of time.

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Maby said...

How Scary! I've had a few moments myself with both my boys.. not fun at all. Glad DH was there to make things all better!