Friday, June 23, 2006

Kid Swap

Today I swapped my youngest daughter. Now before you panic I didn't permanently swap her. LOL. My mother-in-law wanted her and so I took my niece in exchange. My niece and my girls get along so well. They are all really close. It was dd#2's turn to spend the night over there anyway and I knew my oldest would love nothing more than to have her cousin all to herself for a whole day and night. It worked out really well.

My niece is a real little entertainer. She will keep my kid occupied for hours so I can actually get stuff done. Gotta love that in a kid. Tomorrow we are hoping to take them to the pool. We will see how that goes. My house looks like a tornado came through so I am off to pick up a little. It really is endless when kids roam a home.

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