Saturday, June 03, 2006


I have to admit it. Kids crack me up. My 5 yr. old niece came home with us last night because we could not seperate her and my 3 yr. old. On the way home I had to answer a ton of questions about mice. Yep mice. When we were getting into the car they saw one running down the street towards the woods. That sparked a 10 minute conversation about what they eat and what they look like. Then I had the pleasure of hearing both girls sing only they sing each song a little differently. It was quite a ride. They just crack me up though. They can make a game out of just about anything. I really am thankful that my girls have their big cousin to play with and that they all get along so well. My niece is 3.5 yrs. older than my youngest and yet they are so close. All of them bonded so well. When she comes over she keeps my kids occupied for hours.

Today I have to run errands. Grocery store, post office and maybe somewhere else. I'm gonna be pretty busy. I figure I will let the kids play while I clean a little and then we will all get ready to leave. I am slowly but surely making progress with the house and organization. Hopefully today will be a productive day.

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