Sunday, June 04, 2006

Decorating Obsession and my BIG score

Since I was a little girl I was always into crafts and decorating. My whole family is very talented and creative. When I was in middle school I would find things to paint and re-do. In high school I refinished old furniture and anything I could get my hands on. Today I am still this way. I have a passion for decorating our home and making it look cozy and happy. I have been saying that I wanted to get a big trunk like chest to use as a coffee table in our living room and hold all of our throws. We have a ton and use them all the time but the girls are ALWAYS unfolding them. Well yesterday I scored. Seriously scored!! I went to the resale shop I used to work at and in the parking lot they had a bunch of furniture and sales going on outside.

I stumbled upon a wooden toy box trunk that was just the right size and opened into big storage. The tag on the top said $20 for set. Only there was no set. They were bad about breaking up pieces to sell when I was there too. I went inside and asked the cashier who I worked with and she told me to bring it in and she will give me a good deal on it. $10!!!!!!! I got it for $10!!!! I am going to repaint the top and sides because it has this old fashioned country kids print on it. Not a big deal at all to me since I can see it's potential. I am so excited about it. I will post before/after pics when I get it done. My inner Martha Stewart is shining through:)

I have to catch up on cleaning again today but I am getting better at keeping up with it. My Father-in-law fixed our vacuum. YEAH!!! I can't wait to use it today. I'm a dork I know but we have been using this really crappy one for over a month and it shows. Time to get some real cleaning done.

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Suzanne said...

I wish I had your knack for refurbishing things like that! I can see the potential, but would have to wait for my dh to do it... which could take years! :)