Saturday, July 08, 2006

Just chillin

Things have been really low key around here lately. Not much going on. We are trying to plan a day where my best friend and her 3 kids can come over and we can have hot dogs or something and let the kids play but it isn't happening anytime soon. She is always so busy with school and things that it makes it almost impossible to plan a day. I know we will get it eventually this summer though.

We are also planning to go to the pool again soon. They always have such a blast and it wears them out. Actually it wears us all out. Good times though.

Our carpet cleaning guy didn't come when he said he was going to yesterday. If I was paying for it I might actually be upset. ( We get a free cleaning since we renewed our lease). He is scheduled for Monday but came over on Thursday and told DH he would do it the next day. He never showed. Oh well...guess I will have to get everything ready for Monday now.

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