Thursday, August 10, 2006

Still exhausted

It is no secret that I have sleeping issues. I haven't been able to sleep without some kind of sleep aid in over a year. Well last night was no exception. I could NOT get to sleep even though I was beyond exhausted. I even took 2 tylenol PM(approved by my doc) and nothing. Then to top it off my 3 yr. old woke up at 6:40 this morning. So by noon today I was so delirious with exhaustion. I decided to lay the girls down and attempt to take a nap. I was successful thankfully. I couldn't even see my eyes were so blurry. Our nap would have been longer but when DH came into our room to get ready for work it woke up dd. I could have killed him. Oh least I got some kind of rest for a little while.

Tonight I am going to put the kids down, finishing cleaning up and then I am off to bed hopefully by 9:00 tonight. I have got to figure something out soon.

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