Tuesday, September 11, 2007


My baby turned 1 year today!! I can't believe it. We are leaving the baby stage forever and entering the next stage of our lives with kiddos. It is exciting but I have to admit I am really going to miss having babies in our home. It feels like I just brought him home last week. He has grown so much and has the biggest personality. God I love that little guy. He really did complete our family. Happy 1st Birthday Goober!!!! We love you so much!!!

Last night all 3 of them actually slept in their room together. The girls didn't bother him or try to climb into his crib so I can officially say that we have reclaimed our bedroom. The right side of our bedroom is my scrap area and until a few days ago most of it was being taken over by a playpen so now I can scrap with ease instead of having to climb over the playpen and part of the bed to get to my shelving unit. This was a BIG step for all of us. It really means our little man is getting bigger.

On another note today is also the 6 year anniversary of 9-11-01. Say a prayer for all that were lost on that tragic day. United we stand.

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Shawna said...

Happy birthday to your little guy! I love his birthday cakes - the first birthday is always the funnest one I think! Looks like he really enjoyed his cake!