Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fall Goodness

Today I went grocery shopping and spent a lot of money. But I saved $25 in coupons!! I also picked up some stuff that means fall is actually here. It isn't really cool outside yet but it is getting cooler. I love the colder months. My pumpkins and the basket cost me a total of $3! I got the wire basket from the Target Dollar Spot. Then I bought some Raspberry hot cocoa and some more coffee. About a month ago my hubby and I tried to sell our coffee maker in a garage sale. For some reason nobody wanted a mint condition coffee maker for under $5 so we are reclaiming it. This time we are actually going to use it. Yes it is definitely starting to feel like FALL!!!!

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Maby said...

My goodness your baby is one?? Wow!! How fast time flies! Mine are going to be FIVE and THREE in April. :) Glad to se you posting again! And... I see you're also a coupon girl! I've recently joined that couponing world and am loving all the cool sales and savings!