Saturday, September 15, 2007

One happy momma

I have been stalking my Target $1 spot for these chipboard letters. I actually found the letters and bought 4 packs. 2 of them are for my mom but I was so stinkin excited. Then I found something else that made me really happy. Orange Cappuccino!!!!I still haven't tried it yet but man it sounds good. But the news that really made me HAPPY is that we got our FIRST FAMILY PORTRAIT IN OVER 4 YEARS!!!! We took them yesterday and I must say that much blood was spilled to get them but it wasn't from the kids. It was from my hubby who HATES taking pictures. So I dragged him against his will. Picked out his clothes and forced him to smile. I ended up with the cutest family portrait EVER. I am so happy. I have to get a frame for it today.

Nothing else really going on around here. I might try to venture out to some more Targets today and try to find more of the chipboard letters. We will see how that goes. Have a great day everyone:)

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Sheri said...

oh man! i'm SO jealous. I haven't been able to find those chipboard letters anywhere!!

where'd you get the pics done?