Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lack of Self Control

I have NO self control. I picked up more stuff from the Target $1 Spot yesterday. I am also embarassed to say that after I took this picture I went back again and got a few more things but when I got there that time they had already sold out of the letters except for a package of them that fell into the wrong slot.In my defense some of this stuff is being shared with my mom. I am taking a break from buying stuff now. I need to sit down and actually scrap.

Sheri: We took our portraits at the Picture People and it was completely FREE!! If you sign up on their website they send you coupons for a free 8X10 or 10X13. You don't have to buy a thing. Somehow I ended up with 8 of the coupons so I am trying to take more pics to use them up. I already let some of them expire. They also do incredible work.

Today I am going to try to just stay home. I have been running everywhere this past week and we need a day of relaxing. I took the girls to the mall yesterday to play in the play area but it was really an excuse to go to a Target that was further away than the one we usually go to. Hubby never saw it coming. LOL.

I have to clean and organize my scrap area too. I will eventually get pics up of my scrapping stuff all organized.

Just a little PSA for those of you that have been looking for the dollar chipboard letters: You might have to actually stalk your Target to find them. When they put them out they go QUICK. If you don't catch them within the first couple hours you won't be able to find them. Just wanted to let you guys know since I heard some of you couldn't find them.

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