Monday, September 17, 2007

My new favorite spot

Do you see that cute little daybed with the Carebear
comforter? That bed is a long
story. Yesterday my darling daughter's bed broke in half. She had a metal toddler size bed and the metal bar actually snapped right in two. Needless to say she needed a new bed. So my dad gave us this adorable TWIN daybed with an added trundle underneath. Both of the girls were so excited when he brought it over that we decided they could both share the big bed. So far it has worked great. I took them shopping today and let them pick out a new comforter and sheets for it. They both agreed on the Carebears and momma agreed because it was only $16.99. Now their room is so happy. I found myself laying on their bed talking on the phone today. It is that cheerful in there. Little man is still loving his crib

The girls and I went everywhere today. Then I decided to let them play in the play area at the mall. They were so thrilled but I gotta tell you that it is NOT fun to take 2 potty trained toddlers to the mall. I swear I spent half my day in public restrooms.

Hopefully I will get my house cleaned tonight and maybe post fall decor pics tomorrow. Night all.


Shawna said...

Your kids' room is so cute, love their new day bed! My girls recently got bunk beds & wouldn't you know it they both sleep in the same bunk together every night! Makes me wonder why we even bothered with 2 beds LOL!

Tricia said...

love the cute room. I have my son and daughter sharing a room....Im having a hard time trying to get their room to be girl and boy.... grrrrrrrrrrr. anyway loved the pics...cant wait to see more of your home!

Mere said...

Hey stepsister~
What's up??? That is sooooo cute!! It is a blessed bed....because it used to be mine...and look how I turned out!! lol...jk! Check out my blog.....

Luv ya, Mere