Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Just call me Martha

So I must say that I am not a Martha Stewart fan but since she is associated with everything organized or decorated in today's homes I felt it was an appropriate title. I spent a good chunk of yesterday evening reorganizing the kids closet. It is a HUGE closet. The picture only shows what you can see from the door. I really sorted their clothes and came up with several categories of stuff I have to get rid of. Donate, sell and give to my friend. I finally got it down to stuff that we need. It is so refreshing to have this done. You don't even want to know what it looked like a few months ago. It was scary. I couldn't even get to their clothes without leaning into the closet from the door and eventually falling over all the junk. Now I can actually WALK into their WALK IN closet!!!
Little mans 1 year check-up yesterday went great. He weighs 26 pounds. Yep..he is a chunker but he is so stinkin cute. Everything is perfect with him. Unfortunately he was due for shots but they were out of one of them so he only got 3 instead of 4. Poor little guy. I wanted to cry right there with him. Next visit will be in October for the flu shot and the Polio vaccine they were out of.
Target is having some crazy clearance sales right now on all of their dorm collection stuff. Plates are $.44 each. I grabbed 4 of them in a country blue. Go check it out if you need organizing stuff, sheets or kitchen stuff. They also have kids jackets on sale in the toddler department and on clearance in the girls department. I got my youngest daughter a jacket for $3.24 yesterday. Now that is a great fall deal.
well I am off to clean the kitchen. Have a great day everyone!!

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