Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mission Organization

When I am stressed or mad I tend to clean and organize. Today I have decided to get all of the crap in my house clean and organized. I am seriously going to purge and purge some more. I am tired of having so much stuff. I really am. What better time to do this than before the holidays? Hopefully I will get all of my goals done before it is time to put out Christmas decorations. Speaking of Christmas. Have you seen these dishes at Target? They have a huge selection of them. I am going to buy a cup and plate just for putting Santa's cookies on I think. I really want to enjoy the holidays this year and not stress about making room to put new toys,etc. I started with our paper work today. I majorly condensed it and put everything in file folders with categories. Let's hope I can keep this motivation.

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Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Organized....I used to be really organized but have let that slide...should really follow in your footsteps and get organized again!