Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pumpkin Patch/Petting Zoo day

Today we went to the Pumpkin Patch/ Petting Zoo. It was perfect. Well it didn't start off perfect. This morning Makayla got her finger shut in the bathroom door and we thought it might be broken. But thankfully she started moving it. That gave us quite a scare. Other than that it was perfect. We had such a blast just the 5 of us. I took a ton of pictures. In fact I think I am even going to do a mini 8X8 album for them all. The weather was GORGEOUS!! Perfect!!

Before we even left the house she was so excited.

Feeding the goats. The girls were pretty scared of them.

Watching his big sisters ride the horses.

Macie was so excited to ride them but she cried the entire time she was on him. LOL. Makayla loved riding hers. I was too far away to get a good pic though.

Mason cried when he was put in the swing. He hated it yet again. LOVE this pic though with hubby's hand holding him up.

That slide was huge but Daddy insisted they were big enough to do it. I lost about 30 years during that time. Haha.
All 3 of the kids got to pick a pumpkin and take it home. Little man's pumpkin was picked by daddy and it is the tiniest pumpkin I have EVER seen. He loved it and tried to eat it right away. The girls were so proud of theirs too. I am so glad we went. My mom and aunt took the girls to spend the night a little while ago so tonight I can relax and get the cleaning done I neglected to do today before we left. I can't wait to print these pics and scrap them.


Tricia said...

yah for great days, happy kids and warm fall days!...can wait to see teh scraped pics!(thats a Hint!) ha

Mere said...

Ok sister...this is soooo damn CUTE!! I LOVE IT!!! My babies are cutest though! Love the hair do's!

Love ya! ~Mere