Monday, October 22, 2007

Cold day

My little man is obsessed with Dr. Pepper cans and the empty 12 pack box. He carried the box all around the house today. It was adorable. We pretty much stayed home and relaxed today. It was really cold(yippee!!!!) and rainy so we just stayed inside where it was warm and spent time together. We are hoping to take all the kids to the pumpkin patch on Wednesday.

I am almost caught up with laundry and other household chores and I have to tell you it feels great. We have started something new with the kids toys but I will post about that another day.

I am ready to crawl into a nice warm bed and snuggle up for a good nights sleep. Tomorrow I plan on catching up completely with housework. I don't want to go out and do stuff on Wednesday and then come home to a messy house. That is the worst feeling. Maybe I will bake something tomorrow. You gotta love cold fall days.


Tricia said...

wow! i couldnt help but notice all your scrapbooks! WOW!

Im wrking on gettin on top of my house....blah I need a maid! HA

Sassy Lucy said...

Housework is never done for me it you really get done?
The little ones are so boys loved boxes when they were little.