Wednesday, October 31, 2007

We had...

a Blue Jay a Ladybug

and a Bat.
They had so much fun Trick or Treating my mom, aunt and grandma. We don't trick or treat around the neighborhood for several reasons the main one being Macie's nut allergy so we just go over to my mom's. They had a blast running around outside and eating tons of treats and sweets. I tried my best to get some adorable pictures of them together but 3 unwilling subjects doesn't exactly make for the best photos. It was a fun day though that's for sure. I am so tired I can barely type straight. Time to pack up the Halloween decorations and head on to the next holiday now.


Mere said...

Trying to please me I c??? LOVE the costumes...and especially my little ladybug :)

Tricia said...

LOVE them...the costumes are adorable!!!!!!!! did you ahve a pattern for them... man i wish i could sew!