Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ground Zero

To say that the last few days have been trying would be the understatement of the year. Makayla's leg is healed and she is back to her old self for the most part. The real fun started last night. I should have listened when we were in the car and Macie said " Mommy. I'm gonna puke." Oh how I should have listened. I should have known she wasn't playing around when she refused to eat her french fries from Wendy's because she said her stomach hurt. Bottom line. I was up till 4:00a.m with a vomitting kid in my bed. She is doing better today. She has kept a popsicle and some Sprite down thankfully. I am tired. I can't wait until I don't have anymore sick kids in this house(hubby included since we think he might have the flu). It is Ground Zero here. Wish me luck. I am not feeling too hot myself but if I get sick who is gonna take care of everyone here? Exactly. Being sick isn't an option for me. Oh lord give me strength.

I do have a little good news though. I am 95% done with my pumpkin patch album!!

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