Friday, November 09, 2007

A Sneak Peek and a Reaction Update

I finally got my snapfish order in and I have been working on our pumpkin patch/farm 8X8 album. It has been coming together perfectly. I bought a lot of embellishments, paper, etc. in anticipation of getting them printed. I am LOVING this album so far. I will share all the layouts as soon as I am done which shouldn't be too long the way it is coming together. This is the opening page for the album. I added the name of the farm to it after I took the pic. So just imagine small word fetti letters above the picture.

Last night Makayla spiked a fever. It was 101.8 and her doc said to let them know right away if it went that high. So I called the 24 hr. nurses line and a doc from the office called me back quickly, This time I was told to give her some Benadryl. It worked like a charm. Her swelling is down this morning and her leg isn't hot to the touch anymore. The nurse called to check on her this morning and we are all so glad she is on her way to recovery from this. My poor baby girl. But she is a trooper and still has one night left to get everything she can out of feeling crumbing. I just want to keep her close for one more night you know?

So today we are taking it easy. I desperately need to catch up on cleaning and she needs to take it easy(even though she is running around like crazy and will NOT stop so she can heal). So today is just a quite day here. I am almost completely finished with their Christmas shopping and I will share pics of what all they are getting (It is some GOOD stuff this year). Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! P.S: I love comments so if you are lurking stop in and say hello:)


Tricia said...


I need to scrap!

I have a problem tho... I cant scrap unless my house is perfectly clean.....ummm ya ......

thats why its been 3 months and no scrappin!

I have pictures from 2 yrs ago I neeed to scrapbook...blah.

I do love scrapbooking... I just need to make the time and CLEAN UP MY HOUSE!

Beka said...

I so wish I was scrapping more. I'm glad that Makayla is doing better. What a good little trooper you have!!