Thursday, November 08, 2007

Guilt and my poor baby

Tuesday I took the girls to the doctor for their 3 and 4 yr. check ups. Macie got 2 shots(flu and a booster). Makayla got 4. That broke my heart since she took it really hard. So fast forward to Wednesday. We get up and Makayla tells me her leg hurts where she got her shots. (She got 2 on each leg) So I take a look at it and it is very swollen, red and warm to the touch. I called the nurse right away and she said to bring her in so they could take a look. The nurse looks at it and decides she wants the doc to look at it so they squeezed us in w/o an appt. Her doctor said it is a local reaction to the shot itself NOT the medication in the shot. So she tells us to put ice and/or a cold towel on it and give her Iburpofen. OK. So I come home and do all of that and it starts looking better for a while.

So I went to give them a bath and right before she hops in I realize that it has spread about another 2-3 inches around the site and feels even hotter. I immediately call the pediatric 24 hr. hotline and tell them whats going on. Her doc calls me back within 40 minutes and tells me to elevate it and continue what I am doing. So she slept with me last night and I kept her leg as cool as I could. It still looks pretty bad but I am going to keep doing it today too.

What makes me mad is that her doc said that she had seen 2 other kids yesterday with the same reaction to the needle. Well my theory is that if the doc was shocked about it then it is probably the nurse who gave the shots. She jabbed pretty hard. I feel guilty for not making them stretch the shots out over at last a period of a week. I feel so bad for my baby girl. They said since she tensed so bad it could have caused it.

She did get to lay in our bed and watch Sharkboy and Lava Girl in 3D though so she was loving it.LOL. I have been really on top of things though. Nothing like an emergency situation to make you accomplish a lot in a little bit of time. Well I am off to give my kid Ibuprofen and TRY to get her to lay down and elevate her leg some more.

UPDATE @ 9:40a.m. : Her leg has gotten a lot worse. She has a little bit of fever and I have already called her doctor and I am waiting on what to do next. :(

UPDATE @ 3:30p.m: Well we went back to the doc. She is still in the clear. No infection or anything. Doc said it will take a week or so to heal completely. So I just keep doing what I have been doing. My poor little sweetie. She is a trooper and she earned herself a Happy Meal when we left the doctor's office today.

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