Thursday, November 22, 2007


I know I have already posted today but right now my house is clean. There isn't much I can do plus I hurt my back this morning. So here I am posting a few pics from today. We had a terrific Thanksgiving. We went to my family first then we went to the in-laws. It was great. We ate until we couldn't move and just spent time together. Mason went crazy over his first taste of turkey. He ate more than the adults....COMBINED.Haha. It was really fun.

<------ This is my favorite photo from today. I absolutely love it. We left to go to my family around 9:00a.m so of course I had to get this just starting out pic. I have already put out a few very small Christmas decorations and tomorrow after the crowds die down I need to go to Target for a few more things. I am so excited about Christmas.

I definitely have the Holiday spirit this year. I am even considering hosting a kids craft party for 10 toddlers. I have to think about that one some more though. I am done with the kids shopping and I am thrilled with everything that I got them. I can't wait to see their faces
on Christmas morning.

--------------------------> This is also one of my faves from today. Macie wanted to help make the potatoes(hey we can't make everything from scratch you know) so she carried around the box.

I had another picture to share but blogger is acting up so I will share it another time. I have picked out what Christmas cards I want to order so now all I have to do is get a great shot of all 3 of my kids (I will NOT be holding my breath for that one though). Hopefully I can get at least 1 photo worthy of sending out to 30 people.

I am so stuffed. I am off to take one of the muscle relaxers my dear sweet mother in law provided me with tonight and hopefully I will be able to bend over tomorrow without my back causing me pain. Tomorrow I am planning on putting up our tree!!


Toni said...

I love the first picture! :) You can hook me up with the muscle relaxers as well, my back is killing me to no end!

Tiffany said...

That is a great picture!
WOW 10 toddlers.. You are very very brave! :)