Sunday, November 25, 2007

warm pj's and a Christmas tree

Yesterday morning we tried to do the tree but had several mishaps(missing lights, temper tantrums, etc.) so I gave up. Then later in the evening I ran to WM to find some warm pj's for all 3 of the kiddos since it is freezing right now and their room stays pretty chilly even with the heater on. I found just what I was looking for plus some. I also picked up a kids sing along Christmas cd. When I got home I surprised them all with the new pj's and music and promised them we would drink some hot cocoa after we were done. So we ate dinner. They got a bath and we started the tree. They did great. Little man wanted to get into everything and it was past his bedtime so I tucked him in.

That did NOT go over very well. Hehe.
Enjoying the hot cocoa. And because he is so cute in his little fleece footed sleeper I have to share this pic.
So the tree is up. The kids are warm and that is pretty much all that has been going on around here. I started working on a few Christmas gift projects which I will share when I am done.

Tricia asked where I got the kids Christmas shirts. I got Makayla's (snowflakes) from Target and the other 2 I got from Wal-Mart. I paid $13 total for all 3 of them. :) I was quite proud of myself for that find. I am up way later than I should be so I am off to catch some zzzz's. Night all.


Sarah C. said...

What adorable kids! :) Glad the tree trimming went well.


Theresa said...

Can't imagine putting up a tree with three little ones trying to help. They do look cute in their new pj's.

Toni said...

Cute pjs! How long did it take the girls to drink the hot cocoa?

My little boy looks soo adorble sleeping :)