Friday, December 21, 2007

Cooking and Scrapping

I just had to share these pics because they are so her (attitude and all). Anyways... I called my mother-in-law the other day and while we were talking she said " I think you should make your lasagna for Christmas Day." GREAT!! I tried to argue my way out of it but she got me anyway. So I had to run to the store to get everything I needed to make it. Honestly I have not made my homeade lasagna in about 2 years so let's hope it turns out as good as they remember it. No pressure at all right?

Last night I scrapped a couple of pages. I told myself that I needed the artistic time and that the laundry, etc. could wait. It felt good. Part of my problem is that I always put off my scrapping to get other things accomplished
which would be fine if I didn't need my creative outlet so badly. It keeps me from being so stressed out. This New Years I think I am going to make a resolution to scrap at LEAST 2-3 days a week. I don't know if I will make it but I am going to try.

Part of my other problem is that I keep trying to identify my style. I used to be a simple scrapper. Now I am more freestyle. I have done this since I started scrapping 4 years ago. Then last night I realized that it is all my style because it is all created by me. How could it not be my style? I scrap all ways. The lo's I did last night are simple but that doesn't mean I am a simple scrapper by any means. I create my lo's based on the feel of the picture and what I want to remember most. I have to let go of the labeling and just enjoy preserving our memories and creating something that my family will treasure for decades to come.

So that is my rambling for the day. I will be spending the rest of the day cleaning and doing whatever little things I need to to get ready for Christmas Eve and Day. Happy Friday all!!


jp said...

Lasagna sounds great! I haven't made that in awhile, either, but it would be good for a holiday meal.

I think your goal of making time for sb'ing every week is really great. If we don't do that, it's so easy for other stuff to get in the way! I need to set the same kind of goal! :-)

Have fun with your final preparations for the holiday! Enjoy every minute, and take lots of pics! :-) Janet

Linda said...

I'm sure your lasagna will turn out great!

It is hard to make time for ourselves to scrap. I try to do something every other day. It does help relieve the stress. Good luck with that resolution!

Colleen said...

Good luck with the lasagna! I always love it, but it is labour intensive!

I think you resolution to scrap in the new year is a great one!

toners said...

Lasagna! Yum! And I think lots of us are in the same boat about scrapping time; I think it would definitely help to schedule it like another activity :)

*Southern Beall* said...

Yummy! Teasing a pregnant woman is not a good thing! lol
And I too am trying to make myself scrap some more in the new year. Maybe we can help eachother. =)

Love the pics! Total sass! Love it!

Shawna said...

Lasagna sounds yummy! We only do the traditional turkey dinner on Christmas but that's okay with me!

I'm the same way, I need to take time to scrap too or I also get stressed out! And the way I see it, the laundry & dishes are always going to be there so they can wait awhile longer LOL!

Toni said...

Good luck with the lasagna! :) You never made it for me :( :P

Your lo's always turned out wonderful! :)

Alyssa said...

Last year I made a resolution to scrap every week. It didn't really happen, but I do take time to persue creative things as often as I can. I just have to or I will go CRAZY!!