Sunday, December 09, 2007


Yesterday Mason decided to climb onto his chair and he just kinda sat there. He didn't say anything and he seemed content. His sisters walked past him and asked him if he was stuck a little while later. Then he started looking a little panicked. It was the cutest thing. They helped him down and the 3 of them went on their happy little way.
My kids just crack me up.

Luckily my camera was near when he climbed onto the chair.
I love that he is climbing and exploring but at the same time it is even more crazy around here now. He is getting really good at it and it takes me and both the girls to keep up with him during the day.

A boy is a completely different experience that is for sure. My girls got into stuff of course but Mason seems so much more adventurous.
He is a rough and tough little man. And I love him more and more every single minute.(Is that even possible?)


toners said...

I hear you! DD was 5 when DS was born, and it was as if a little whirlwind had come to live at our house! LOL! I love having a boy though - so much fun, and nowhere near as much drama!!

Sarah C. said...

Cute photos! How sweet of his big sisters to help him out. :)

Alyssa said...

I agree, boys are sooo different than girls. Mine boys are much more active and busy compared to their sister.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

That climbing stage was a tough one...happy that they are learning to do it but quickly frustrated when you can't turn your back for a second!