Sunday, February 10, 2008

Inspiration from Something Small

Last summer the girls got the cutest pair of sunglasses from my aunt. A couple of months later one pair was lost and the other was broken. Well the other day when I took them all to Wal-Mart I let the girls pick out a new pair each. The deal was that every single time we walk into the house the glasses go up in a special place and are not to be played with. Well yesterday I found this cute little green dish for $1. I was so excited and when I got home and put the sunglasses in it they all fit perfectly.

It looks so cute on my bakers rack. The girls have not tried to get them down and are very excited about their new glasses. This picture inspires me to get even more color in my home. I LOVE COLOR!!

I am still sick but I want to get a few things done today anyway. Tonight or tomorrow I am going out to do this weeks grocery game so be on the lookout for this weeks totals on my other blog.


Toni said...

Cute dish! Color is always good in every home!

Sarah C. said...

That dish is adorable! Perfect to hold their cute glasses and what a deal. :) Sorry to hear you still feel bad. Hope you're better soon!