Monday, February 11, 2008

A Love for Red

Have you ever seen something in the store and wanted it but decided to pass since you didn't NEED it? Well that was me with my red colander. I have 3 others that I use when I cook so a red one was not neccesary. Everytime I walked past it in the store I drooled but used self control. That is until last night. With our tax return we bought 2 cars, insurance and registration so about 90% of our return is gone. However I could not walk past this shiny red colander any longer. I figured I deserved it. It makes me smile and since I love it SO much I decided to use it as a fruit basket.

I also bought a few things at Hobby Lobby today but I will share them later. We are off to take a nap. I am pretty sure little man has an inner ear infection because he has been pretty clumsy and tipsy the past day. Poor little guy. If it keeps up I am taking him to the doctor tomorrow.

I rocked this weeks Grocery Game so be sure to check out my totals if you are interested.


Shawna said...

Cute colander! We have three and somehow they are always dirty at the same time and of course that's when I need a clean one lol! So having four would be great for me!

Can't wait to see what you got at Hobby Lobby! We should have our refund Friday and I'm treating myself to a Crop-a-Dile and a couple of Basic Grey bracket albums this weekend!

*Southern Beall* said...

I am so in love with red stuff for the kitchen. Well honestly, anything decor stuff these days. I love that colander! Cute! And you totally needed it!
I need to go to Hobby Lobby this week as well. Cant wait to see what you got.

Toni said...

What did you get for me at Hobby Lobby?? haha :)

Good idea to use that strainer as a fruit basket! You thought you had to have have it, but as well display it, instead of hiding it until you need it.