Saturday, March 08, 2008

1:00 a.m

Last night I could not get to sleep. I tossed. I turned. I got up at midnight and moved living room furniture around. Then I moved it back because I did not like how I tried it. So I finally get back into bed and I am ALMOST asleep when Makayla comes into our room. It went something like this:

Makayla- "Mommy! Macie's sippy cup leaked and got me wet."
Me-"Ok Baby go get a towel to dry yourself off."

Makayla turns on bathroom light.

Macie-" Mommy!! I had an accident(crying)."
Little Man- (stirring making noises)

So I get up because now all 3 of them were wide awake. I go into their room to find the girls bed soaking wet. She went through the sheets, mattress cover and eggcrate padding underneath. So I get her changed and new sheets on their bed when little man sits all the way up. He had an exploded diaper and had to be completely changed too.

I finally make it back to bed around 1:30. I fall asleep around 3:00. Kids up at 7:00. Hubby gave me an extra hour or so after that but then he had to leave. I am tired.

I got my van back today though. YEAH!!! But I am tired. I cannot wait to crawl into bed tonight.
I also posted my new Grocery Game totals for the week on my other blog if you are interested. I came out skipping this time.

Let's pray I can sleep tonight.


Toni said...

You poor child! I would have been tired too. That was grand of Chey to watch the kids for an hour. :)

Yes, I hope you get more sleep tonight!

Shawna said...

Oh no! Kyle's been getting up at least once a night ever since he cut those 4 teeth so I can commiserate! Well I hope tonight goes better for you!