Friday, March 07, 2008

Fantastic Morning!

This morning little man slept in until past 9:00. So with his sisters gone still I got to sleep in too. Then hubby woke up and brought little man into our room. He was in such a great baby mood. We were laying in bed watching T.V. playing with him and I told hubby that we should get dressed and go to IHOP just the 3 of us. Now normally he protests because he can be pretty lazy when it involves taking the kids somewhere but he agreed. The 3 of us got dressed and out the door we went. Hubby's car is the only one we have right now(thanks to the storage lot still having my van from the accident) and it is only 2 door so that was a pain but so worth it. When we got to IHOP we let little man pick what he wanted from the kids menu. Right now they have a special kids plate in honor of the new Dr. Suess movie. It is called a Who-Ville plate or something like that. It was adorable. It came with green eggs and ham but the green came from spinach and since he doesn't like eggs anyway we told them to just make them plain. He LOVED the plate. I swear he ate half of the pancakes and all of the ham. He spit out his only bite of eggs which I knew he would.

We had SO much fun. Little man was a joy and it was nice to just sit there with our son and enjoy him without it being all crazy with the 3 of them. My breakfast(stuffed french toast) was DELISH!! And then $30 later we left. I almost fainted when she brought our bill but it was SO worth it. I am in a great mood now and I know hubby enjoyed it too. When we got home hubby got ready for work and I layed the boy down. He was so full he went straight to sleep. He is never full so you know his meal was good. This really set the mood for my entire day. The girls are coming back at 2:00 and I have to straighten up the house but I will be doing it with a smile.:):):)


Shawna said...

I want to go to IHOP now lol! That looks so yummy, the girls would love that! So glad you guys are having a great day! Hope you get your van back soon, I know how much of a pain it is to be stuck with just a car & 3 kids!

*Southern Beall* said...

Oh I am going to have to take Ryker to IHOP so he can get that plate! Looks like a ton of sugar! lol Glad you had a great morning!

Ariana said...

It's so awesome to get a chance to go out with just one of the kids. He probably felt so special.

Ariana said...

You're very nice to ask me about adding my blog- that was really considerate.

Just today I posted my blog at 2peas on a thread, so I'm ok with you adding my blog :)

Toni said...

That looked good! I'm sure that was a very special thing.. just you two and the boy!

I hope you scrap that one as "The 3 of us" :)

I am so happy you got your van back! :)