Wednesday, March 05, 2008

4 Hours

That is approx. how long it took me to conquer the racks and floor in my kids closet. Keep in mind I have not attempted the shelves yet which will take me at LEAST 2-3 hours to get done. But for now I am sitting back and enjoying their organized and clean closet. Some of you have mentioned that you need some decluttering inspiration so I hope this will help. Their closet was HORRIBLE before I started this. I got so tired of going to pick out my kids clothes and not knowing what fit them. Enough was enough and I am so glad I took this project on. I am going to share some of the techniques and tips I used to accomplish this without turning gray.

1. I wanted to get to a point where only clothes that currently fit them would hang in there. That way if I ever had to grab clothes for them in a hurry I would know that everything I grabbed fits. This is in case of a natural disaster evacuation which has happened before.

2. I had to weed out blankets. We had WAY too many. So I cut them down rather significantly. I also went through their VHS movies and cut them down enough to fit the blankets in the same cubicle unit.

3. I put approx. 50 extra hangers in the bag for our garage sale(we mark them .5 cents each and they sell QUICK). I only kept the best ones and now if I buy them something new I can easily find the kind of hanger I want.

The boys clothes are on the opposite side and I didn't get a good pic but they are also organized. Now I know exactly what clothes my kids have which means I now know what they need for summer. I still can't believe how well I did. I threw away an entire garbage bag of stuff and filled 5 small bags for the garage sale and Once Upon a Child. Now when I get their top shelves done it will be perfect. I'm not dreading moving anymore. Everything will be packed up easily and when we unpack in our new home it will go smoothly. I am feeling rather victorious right now!!!

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Also remember that it is ok to tackle a big project one step at a time. I did this over the course of 2 days.


Maby said...

Awesome job! Hopefully you were able to see the pictures in the link I sent... let me know if you didnt.

Shawna said...

Oh awesome! Their closet looks great! I can believe it took 4 hours, it would take me that long too! I so need to tackle my own closet soon, I have all kinds of stuff in there I never wear!

Sarah C. said...

Way to go! Their closet looks so pretty now. Great idea to use that cubbie for the blankets & VHS tapes. :)

Anonymous said...

Great job. I hate cleaning out closets!

*Southern Beall* said...

Awesome job there! I want to hire you to come clean mine. It's a totally mess & I really have to make some room for the baby's things. I dont wanna though.