Saturday, May 31, 2008

Confession Time

I must confess a few things. The first is that I have never really enjoyed reading. Sure occasionally I get a book that I love and get really into it but those are rare. This is weird because my best memories of growing up are reading with my mom. We used to go to the library every week.

The second confession is that my kids watch WAY to much television. Now I am not proud of this but it happens. My mother-in-law keeps giving them new movies and I end up giving in and letting them watch what they want over and over again. The other day when my mom took the girls to library class they got a bunch of books and that night my girls actually let me read to them without running off. So now we are reading way more and even I am enjoying it.

I have deemed today as a no T.V day. We are reading our big stack of new books from the library, working on ABC's and numbers and doing some other activities together. It is only 10:30 and my girls are so hyper that all I want to do is put in a movie. Makayla knows how to work the DVD player on her own. She even knows how to clean off scratched DVD's. I told you they watch way too much. Anyway...I am resisting my urges. We can beat this.

In case any of you are thinking that I do nothing but sit my kids in front of the T.V. that is not correct. We do stuff together all the time but it is so much easier for me to get stuff done around the house if I don't have to worry about chasing the kids. I just need to come up with a new system. So today I am starting the change. Wish me luck! Believe me when I say I need it. I will update on how the day went tomorrow.


Shawna said...

Oh my kids watch too much TV at times too, they have most of the newer DVD movies too and love watching them! I agree sometimes it is easier to get things done around the house if they are watching a video.

I'm on the waiting list at our library for the books in the Twilight series, I'm really wanting to read them so I'm hoping it's my turn for them really soon!

Antonia said...

I think even though some moms don't want to admit, we all let our kids watch more then they should!

I like to read, if it is something I am really interested in.

Lara said...

I think we all let our kids watch TV/DVD;s more than we should. I was so good with reading with my oldest until I was sick and pregnant with my next one and then she became addicted to movies.

I think it's ironic because I am a huge reader, and rarely watch tv and movies. kids love the tv screen.

Good for you for reading more with your kids.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I used to stick my kids in front of the tv to get my work done you aren't a bad parent, lots of us have done it! Now if you are letting them watch King of the Hill or something like that...we need to have a little talk...haha.

Beka said...

I know that Kameron does, it is just easier. I've been trying lately too, we started playing more games and trying to do more educational things, you are a wonderful mommy!!! Don't you forget it.