Thursday, May 29, 2008

Removing the Safety Net

This post covers a lot and is all over the place. You have been warned. My hubby quit his job today to pursue a career option that fell into our lap. This job has potential to be so amazing. If he gets as good as the others in this company he will be making more money than we ever dreamed possible for us. The reason this is a leap of faith for us is that it is not a guaranteed amount of income each week. It will vary. Not to mention the fact that we are moving in less than a month and our rent is a little more expensive in the new place. This is a leap of faith. We have been praying and praying for something to come our way that would make a big change and we think this is it. Sometimes you have to let go of the safety net and go on faith alone. He starts training on Monday.

Now onto the kids. Do you see this boy? The cute little blue eyed goober. That boy makes my heart feel like it is going to explode. I can't even look at him without feeling so much love that it feels unbearable. Love this pic I got of him today.

I have been trying a bunch of new recipes lately. Some have been bad and some have been pretty good. Does anyone know of any good recipe sites other than the ones I have in my site list on the side? I am all about domesticating myself right now. I had more to post about but I can see my children getting into something in the kitchen so I will save them for my next post.


Ariana said...

I hope this new job turns out to be awesome for him.

I have tried a lot of bad and good recipes, too. I hate when I try a new one and it turns out horribly. I don't have any special sites to share, I just browse allrecipes.

He does have big blue eyes! Cute picture.

Shawna said...

Good luck to your hubby with the new job!! I'm sure it will be a great step ahead for your family!

Have you checked out any of the recipes on Pioneer Woman's web site? She has some great home cooked type recipes and she shows step by step how to make everything! Our favorite one we've tried so far is the Chicken Spaghetti, it was SO good!!

Sarah C. said...

Prayers for you both that this job is what you've been looking for! :)

That photo of your son is adorable. Such big blue eyes.

As for recipes, I enjoy finding some on

Antonia said...

I will keep ya in my prayers as always!

Mason is too freakin cute!