Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Opinions needed!!

I need some opinions from moms please. I have been trying to clear out all of our clutter and thin out the necessities but I am still having problems. Right now my issue is with the kids bedding, blankets, clothes, toys,etc. It does not get very cold here. I can't remember a time when it got below 30 degrees in the winter. But for some reason we have enough blankets to move to Antarctica and be quite warm. I have tried narrowing them down but we still have too many. So here are my questions for other moms(or anyone else who would like to leave some input):

1. How many sheet sets for EACH bed is reasonable?
2. How many blankets are reasonable to keep for extra winter warmth, guests,etc.?

I'm not going to worry about the clothes right now since they are all organized at this particular time. Since I have started boxing up a few things I have realized that I still have a LOT of decluttering to do. I mean a LOT. I know it is a work in progress but I still feel like I need to make a BIG difference soon.

If you have any other suggestions about keeping toys or anything else down to a minimum I would LOVE to hear them.

Here are a couple of random pics to share. Macie will not look at the camera if we are inside because she says the flash hurts. So all I ever get are pics of her hands.


Shawna said...

Hmm I think 2 maybe 3 sets of sheets per bed is probably good. We only have one set that fits our bed right now since we got our new mattress. I need to get rid of our old sets & declutter the linen closet! Blankets on the other hand, that's tough. I know we have way too many of those!

Antonia said...

I think 2 sets of sheets are good. Blankets, one for each bed, well two for you ( since you are Chey are allergic to sharing! )lol

Cute pics!

Beka said...

One thing with the sheet sets, put the matching ones together, and put them inside the matching pillow case. That will make finding a set easy and keep the organized. 2 sets are good, one to keep on and 1 to wash. Blankets, 2 per person. And you should carry one or two in your case. You never know when you might break down and it was cold. So that might help get rid of a few.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

We only have 1 set of sheets for each bed...I wash and put them back on immediately.

We have blankets and comforters like crazy around here but it gets darn cold in the winter so I can't help you with that one.

Toys...tough one. If they break or lose part of a set....toss it!