Thursday, May 08, 2008


I am in DESPERATE need of a routine around here for the kids. Every night we pretty much do the same ...dinner,bath,snack,teeth brushed,bed. But it is usually at all different times. I need to set a routine especially with one starting school this fall. HELP ME PLEASE!!

What works for you? What doesn't? What time do you say lights out with no exception? Looking forward to your responses.


Ariana said...

What works for my kids is putting them to bed before they get too tired. If they have a late bedtime they are really cranky and whiny during our bedtime routine.
They have a 6:30pm bedtime and they're both asleep within ten minutes most of the time.
They do wake up early (7:30) but it's worth it to me to get some time in the evenings with my husband.

My bedtime routine with them is:
cuddle/talk time on the couch with daddy,
brush teeth,
sing songs (3),
fan on, lights off,
shut the door.

Maria said...

Our girls are 6 and 3 (they share a room right now) and their bedtime is 7:30 - we usually have an early supper (between 5-6pm) and then they play until about 7pm and then we start the whole snack, Bible reading, brushing/flossing, praying, lights out thing.
I'm thinking for summer we'll move bedtime back to 8pm and then when it gets close to Fall (Sarah will be in grade 1 and Anna in preschool) then we'll move it back to 7:30 (maybe even 7pm if they seem to need the extra sleep).

linda said...

Our night time routine is this

5:30 dinner
6:00 baths
6:30 jammies and play time
7:30 brush teeth and read story
8:00 bedtime

I have a 5 year old that starts kindergarten in August and an almost 3 year old..

Esther Dodge said...

some people have had sucess with children's miracle music. I think.
(I'm a friend of Lara Neves.)