Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our little helper and her prize

Today was a rather horrible day. I was so overwhelmed with everything I have to pack still that I had a nervous breakdown. The girls were restless and we spent half the day getting onto them. Then hubby had a GREAT idea. He said we should give each girl a box with their name on it and then let them have a contest to see who could pick up the most toys. The winner got to stay up after the other one was put to bed and watch any movie they wanted. The runner-up got a popsicle. The girls LOVED it. I have never seen them run so fast. The final score was: Macie-81 toys, Makayla-76. We counted every little piece separately and they have a lot of Barbie accessories,etc. Makayla was thrilled with her popsicle and Macie is watching her movie right now. I tried to get some shots of her but she doesn't like the flash so these are all I got. They show her personality perfectly.

She also got to pick a snack. She choose fruity cheerios without any milk. Silly girl.

And her movie.....of course she picked Jurassic Park. It has been one of her favorites for the past 2 years.(No we don't let our kids watch grown up movies all the time but they walked in on this one 2 years ago and LOVED what they saw so we gave in and they are allowed any of the 3 Jurassic Parks.LOL.)

Back to packing now. If you don't hear anything else from me it is because I was crushed by boxes. :D


Mere said...

Oh lord help us all! Point for hubby! Those pics are sooo her! Love ya!


Ariana said...

What a great idea to have them race! It cracks me up that Macie hates the flash :D

Maria said...

oh my word that is SO hilarious!!! our girls LOVE Jurrasic Park movies too. We fast forward all the parts that are a bit too scary for them, but man, do they love those movies!!