Tuesday, July 08, 2008


I spent quite a while last night looking for recipes I want to try. I found a bunch that I am going to give a shot and have already bought a lot of ingredients for them. Right now I am all about domestication.I want a clean and neat house. I want dinner on the table every night. I want my kids to be in a happy environment. I am going to start small and challenge myself to cook dinner every single night for a week. This is major for me because I always give in and order something or run and grab McDonald's. So I figure that if I can make it through an entire week of being in the kitchen then I can train myself to cook every night most weeks.

I made a meal plan for the next week and have done my shopping according to it. I even have 3 desserts on the menu.

NEW recipes for this week are:


Graham Moist Lemon Bars
Pumpkin Chip Muffins
Cherry Enchiladas


One Pan Taco dinner
Quick Chicken Parmesan Pasta

I love finding new ways to make our apartment a home. I cooked last night and tonight and it wasn't so bad. I just told myself I needed to save money and give my kids a healthier meal than fries and a burger. Who knows..maybe in a couple of weeks I will be running around in an apron holding a tray of muffins out to anyone who stops by.


Antonia said...

Good luck! All those recipes sound soo good!

linda said...

Those recipes sound really good.. I may have to make the pumpkin muffins next week..

Ariana said...

Oh crap, now I'm hungry!! Sheesh.

You don't have to update your link, I'm going to add you to my blog- the one I am going to make private. (so confusing, huh? lol)