Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Great coupon code and other random stuff

This morning we got up and the girls and I made the pumpkin chip muffins. My niece came over last night to spend the night so I have an extra helper right now. They turned out great. I took the advice of a few reviewers and only used 1 cup oil instead of 1.5 cups like the recipe said. If you make them I would strongly suggest using 1 cup of the oil.

I took all 3 of the girls to the park a little while ago. They had fun but it was really hot and there were a bunch of older kids that shouldn't have been over there so we left a little early. Tomorrow we are hoping to take all 4 of them to the pool.

Before I forget I want to share a GREAT coupon code for right now. Use this code and get 50 prints for only a penny each. Code: JUL4PENNY08
Open a new account and you get 20 free so basically 70 prints for .50 cents plus shipping. I ended up with 76 photos for under $4 after shipping. SCORE!!! Can't beat that. I love the quality of their prints too and they have very fast shipping.

Tomorrow I hope I will have a bunch of pool pics or some other excitement. It was pretty relaxing around here today.


Dawn said...

The muffins look DELICIOUS!! Thanks for the coupon code! I have tons of pictures I need to have printed.

Ariana said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE pumpkin muffins! They're my favorite by far.. I make them weekly (well before Payson was born).
I'll have to check out the recipe you linked.

THANK YOU for the coupon code. I haven't printed pictures in ages and really need to!

Beka said...

Awesome, thanks for the code, you rock!!

Antonia said...

The muffins look good!!!

I might have to make up a name or soemthing for the snapfish. I'll put it under Joe's! lol