Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mermaids and the perfect summer day

1 pool
2 trips
3 girls
3 life saving flotation devices
LOTS of fun!!

This morning I decided to take all 3 girls to the pool. We were there for about 25 minutes and then hubby got a work call(he is on call 24/7) and we had to come back. Of course the girls were disappointed so I told them that we would go back later. Once hubby got home I packed them up and off we went. This time it was for a while.

Hubby eventually even made it down and him and the boy sat on the lawn chair relaxing and drinking Coke. It was a fantastic summer day. Then when we came home I made the quick chicken parmesan pasta and simply added a little Zesty Italian dressing and eliminated the broccoli. It was FANTASTIC! All 4 kids asked for seconds and even thirds. VERY easy and very good. I also discovered how easy it is to take that many kids to the pool by myself. The girls have their floaties and they are pretty much fearless with jumping off the sides. I think we will be spending A LOT more time there.

The only flaw in the day was the family that came and sat on the chairs while we were swimming. One of them called their child under 2 a fat a** because he reached for the other toddlers Cheetos. Seriously...I am not joking. It happpened. We were going to pack up and leave and then they left as hubby and the boy were coming down. So we stayed for another half hour. Other than that it was great. Just a relaxing, fun, much needed day.The girls pretended they were the Mermaids from Barbie Mermaidia. So cute. They kept saying " Wings for a tail!! Wings for a tail!" Here are the pics. The last one is from last night during story time. They all climbed onto Macie's bed to hear the stories.

We have really enjoyed my nieces visit.

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Beka said...

Man, what I wouldn't give to have a pool closer to us. Weird and rude families and all. It would be great!! Glad you guys, or gals I should say, had fun! Thanks so much for the code, check out my blog!!!!

Shawna said...

Of course someone always has to come along to ruin everyone elses good time! At least they left and you were able to enjoy the rest of the time at the pool though! That pasta salad looks yummy, I'll have to try that one sometime!

Ariana said...

How fun! And great pictures from the day.
I love that the girls were playing mermaids. Brooklyn would have fit right in ;)

I can't believe they called their child that! It's just sad :(

Beka said...
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Beka said...

Try that link

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Sounds like lots of fun! My kids used to love to hang out at the pool when they were younger. Now we haven't been there in a few years. I have lots of good memories hanging out with them at the pool.