Sunday, July 13, 2008

Last summer and a story from today

I found this pic of the kids swimming last year. Can you tell how much all 3 of them have grown? This year the boy is ready for arm floaties instead of the little boat thing that lasted through all 3 of our kids. Best $30 we ever spent by the way! My how time has flown. The only one that uses a sippy cup now is the boy. In just one short year there are so many changes. I guess it is time to accept that they are growing up too quickly.

Today was a rather interesting day. I took Makayla to get her hair cut and about 5 minutes before we got there my radio died. I didn't know why and I figured it had just broken. Well not even 2 minutes later my car dies as I come to a stop to turn. It was not a good place to die either. My hazards would not work so the people behind me did not know what was going on. I get out, pop the hood(because my hubby was a mechanic and has given me basic skills for emergencies) and could not figure out what it was. The battery was completely hooked up so I knew it wasn't like another time I had broken down. Thankfully there was a really nice family in a minivan and they saw my distress and stopped to help jump me. Luckily I keep jumper cables in the back of the van so they jumped me but it kept dying as soon as I took my foot off of the gas. So the guy did something to keep it running when I put my foot on the break so I could get home. Makayla is crying because she is scared and SO hot the whole time. It was a nightmare.

Then on our way home I almost hit 2 other vehicles in the back because my brakes kept sliding from whatever the man did to keep me running. Thankfully after a thousand prayers within a 10 minute drive we arrived home safely. My father-in-law and hubby got to working on the van and they think they fixed it. Let's hope it is good to go now.

In other news I am almost ready to share my big slide show of the apartment. I still have a few more things to do on our room and then I will post it. I haven't forgotten about it. Hope everyone had a great weekend.


Antonia said...

Well, sorry all that happened, but SOOO glad you all made it home with no accidents or anybody getting hurt.

Yep, time does fly by too fast!

Dawn said...

It's exciting to see kids grow, but sad at the same time!! I'm sorry about your car, but thank goodness you got some help from the nice man. I hope the van is all better now!

Sarah C. said...

Glad you all are ok! Hope it's fixed now. Very scary. And, yes, time does fly by too fast. Amazing all those changes in one year - and I bet that's just the short list.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Scarey! Hope it is all fixed up and ready to bop around in again!

Ariana said...

Wow- the kids have changed so much!

Talk about scary with the car!! And in the heat, poor Makayla and you!

I'm super excited to see your apartment slideshow.