Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Start

When we moved one of my plans was to lock all the kids toys and clothes up in their closet. Well that plan blew up in my face when we got here and realized that the apartment here does not put doors on the bedroom closets. ( Can you believe that?) So needless to say the kids get into their closet everyday and pull everything down and out. I simply can't take it anymore so now I am SERIOUSLY weeding through their toys. I am hoping to only keep the toys that will fit in these storage bins and their armoire. Of course some will still be on the shelves in the closet but the point is that I really want to make some changes.

They have SO many toys that they don't appreciate them because they are overwhelmed. This happens when your children end up with approx. 40 Christmas gifts each every year. And NO I am NOT kidding. That is not an exaggeration. Most of these come from the in-laws. We have been cutting down and only giving them things I know they will love so all the odds and ends are going.

I have been working throughout the day in there and so far so good. I haven't even begun to tackle the closet. There are still several big boxes that were never unpacked in there. I want to be done with everything within 2 days or so. So this is the start. Wish me luck!!


Beka said...

Good luck, and you will feel so much better when it is done!!! Sorry I missed the call, I was shopping and didn't hear it.

Dawn said...

Good luck! That is such a hassle to deal with all the toys every year! At least now that my youngest is 14, everything he wants is SMALL, but the downside is it is all expensive!!

Antonia said...

Good luck girl! No doors on the closets?? I would go and ask them to put some on at least the kids'!

*Southern Beall* said...

Good luck!!
I did the same thing when we moved & now Ryker plays so much better with his toys than before. I also have cut back on what is bought for him because for the most part he just wants something & then gets home & never plays with it again.

Lesley said...

I am working on that in our oldest son's room too... fun, fun!!

When you get a minute pop over to my blog to see something I just posted!!