Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Cozy day at home

Today was a beautiful dark rainy day. We absolutely LOVE rain and storms so we were happy to see it come in. We stayed home, slept in late, took a long nap and played with the kids. It was a great little cozy day at home. I tried and tried to get a cute pic of the 3 of them together but the only ones I got were of the boy trying to escape before the flash even went off. He did love putting on my sunglasses though. Silly boy. He is such a little character.

When hubby came home from the store with 2-12 packs of Coke the kids were beyond excited because they could not wait to put them all individually in the fridge. They wait for that moment every time I go to the store. This time all 3 of them helped. It was really cute.

Today is my last day having 3 kids under the age of 5. Tomorrow is Makayla's birthday. I just can't believe it. I am the mom of a 5 year old. Of course I will do an official birthday post for her tomorrow.

Yesterday I went to Once Upon a Child and bought Macie this cute little dress for only $3.50! I love it and she looks so cute in it. Man I love that place.

Nothing else really going on today. I can't wait to crawl back into my warm and cozy bed tonight.


Brandy said...

I LOVE days like that! Unfortunately, my children will NOT sleep past 6am. My son is always up between 5-5:30a...thankfully he does quiet activities until I get up though.

LOVE the Coke thing! My kids love that too - water, soda or anything else they'll load into the refrigerator if given the chance.

Ariana said...

Wow- Macie's looking at the camera!! She does look cute in the dress, it looks pretty with her eyes.

We LOVED the rainy day, too ;)

Lesley said...

Sounds like a GREAT day!! Nothing like just hanging out with our little ones and stealing some snuggle time here and there!

I didn't realize that you have a daughter named Makayla!!!!!! If our Ryan had been a girl, his name would be Mikayla! It was our way of naming a girl after Mike, my hubby! It is a beautiful name!!

Maria said...

sounds like a super fun day - I actually love lazy, rainy days too. there's nothing quite like sleeping in and napping :-)

Dawn said...

Rainy days are great!! That is an awesome deal you got on Makayla's dress! It is beautiful!

Sarah C. said...

Glad you all had a fun day at home. So cute that all 3 kids wanted to help put up the drinks. :)

Maby said...

I only like the rain when I can stay home and NOT have to go to work. I think this year, based on the baby's due date, I'll get my wish LOL and then I can have some cozy days at home while it's pouring outside!

Antonia said...

The kids are crazy! Cute, but crazy! :)

The pic of Mason is so cute!

Good to hear the kid actually slept in for once. Gave you a break, huh? I guess they love you after all! lol