Wednesday, August 06, 2008

We have a 5 year old!!


I can't believe she is 5 today. My sweet baby girl. It feels like only a week ago when we brought her home.

Since we already had their party we probably aren't really going to do anything today. I need to go to the store for groceries so I will probably take her with me and get her some ice cream or something special for her day today. I really can't believe she is 5.

I found a few old shots of her and just had to share them.


Sarah C. said...

Happy birthday, Makayla! Hope it's a wonderful day. :)

Mere said...

time has flown soooooo fast! And I feel sooo old!!! Our baby is 5! She got her hair cut?!? Wow!!

Love ya!!

Lesley said...

Happy Birthday Makayla!!

Love the pictures, she is absolutely precious :-)

Shawna said...

Happy Birthday Makayla!! Those photos are so cute!

Antonia said...

WOw!! Makayla look soo grown up in the first picture!!

Happy Birthday Makayla..from your favorite aunt! :) ( I will never forget that night!)

I love her big blue eyes in the second picture.

Ariana said...

Oh, she is so stinkin' cute!! I love the picture of her today and the ones when she was little. So adorable.

Happy Birthday, Makayla!!

By the way, I totally wanted to name Brooklyn, Makayla. I would've, too, if Allan hadn't been sooooo set on Brooklyn. So, I have a Brooklyn McKayla. I also wanted to spell it the way you did, but my pushy mom talked me into the "regular" way. lol- can you tell I was a pushover back then?! lol

*Southern Beall* said...

Happy Birthday MaKayla!!