Friday, August 15, 2008

Musical beds

The past few nights the boy has been making his rounds at bedtime. He slept on Makayla's bed one night. Then Macie's the next. Then I found him asleep under Macie's bed one night. Of course I moved him from under the bed but I got a picture first. Last night he slept on his own bed. I guess he thinks it is fun to change it up a bit.

In the pic with Makayla you can tell that her bed doesn't have a fitted sheet. That is because she got mad about something and pulled it off to show attitude so I told her she had to sleep without it that night. She got it back the next day and I think now she realizes that she needs to respect her stuff. Lesson learned.

I am so glad I got these photos.


Antonia said...

LOL I love the picture of Mason under the bed.

I hope Makayla did learn her lesson. :)

Shawna said...

Aww how cute is that?? My kids play musical beds too, but they usually end up in mine lol!!

Maria said...

oh how cute are those pictures!

Stacia Howard said...

awww! how cute is that!

Beka said...

So, has he finally decided that his bed is best??? So cute though!